Line Management System

NEMO-Q is building its success on an ever-growing base of satisfied clients, by helping you satisfy your customers.
Who are we?

The world's most experienced queuing company.

We are dedicated to providing the best service in the industry to our clients. With more than 40 years of experience in the queuing industry, we are your most reliable partner for your customer flow management needs.

We always stay on the cutting edge, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage.

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Eliminate your line
We are experts in improving customer satisfaction and increasing employee efficiency.

NEMO-Q Line Management Systems help to manage and improve customer experience and waiting environments.

Get in Line Anywhere

NEMO-Q allows your customer’s to get in line online while seamlessly blending your walk-in and appointment traffic.

Queue by Name or Number

NEMO-Q software allows for your customer’s to simply be issued a ticket, or enter their name when securing a place in line.

Industries Served

With over 40 years of experience in queuing management we are well equipped to serve you by taking care of your customer no matter the industry.

Healthcare facilities all over the world are using NEMO-Q’s virtual queuing systems to increase overall patient satisfaction.

The NEMO-Q System is used by thousands of government entities in over 67 different countries.

NEMO-Q has years of experience managing the very unique traffic patters of colleges and universities.

An increasing number of Banks and Credit Unions are turning to NEMO-Q queuing systems to manage wait times and productivity.


We continue being a loyal NEMO-Q customer because NEMO-Q not only solved our original problem of patients waiting to be called in the waiting area, but they have created other time and cost saving solutions for us as we have grown. Now, with advanced technology allowing our patients the ability to wait anywhere, we have increased our level of patient satisfaction and become even more efficient internally at the same time. And, we have the statistics to prove it.

B. Alcala
Presbyterian Healthcare

With the advent of the NEMO-Q queuing system we achieved the right queuing technology that could seamlessly transfer students between departments and merge walk-in traffic with appointments to maximize efficiency.

Wanda Lalond
Queens College, NY

It has been a pleasure working with NEMO-Q. You and your team have managed and executed on project deliverables very well which has made my job that much easier. NEMO-Q has always been quick to respond to any issue that has come up and has always gone the extra mile when needed. I thank you and your team’s dedication and professionalism.

Public Safety Official