NEMO-Q Solutions

Below is a menu of information for both queuing experts and newcomers! Learn how to effectively manage your lobby while elevating your customer’s experience. All while leveraging our system’s back-end that provides actionable data you care about.

Introduction to Queuing

Here you will find a brief overview of queuing and how a line management system can improve your business.

Our Queuing System

NEMO-Q has the world's most modern queuing system. We stay on the cutting edge, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage.

Appointment Scheduling

Allow your customers to schedule an appointment for your services. NEMO-Q seamlessly blends your walk-in and appointment traffic.

Customer Feedback

A customer feedback tool helps you make the right decisions with continuous insights from the people in your business. NEMO-Q can provide fast feedback, smart analysis, and real time results!

Mobile Solutions

People that are comfortable with technology are inclined to seek out mobile-friendly solutions. NEMO-Q's mobile queuing allows customers to get in-line online and receive text message alerts on their status.